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Toltec Heart Path Mastery Trainings
The Toltec Heart Path is based on my training in the Eagle Knight lineage of the Toltec teachings through my Teacher Don Luis Molinar, a first Line initiate to Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of the best selling "The Four Agreements". The Toltec teachings are all about the art of unconditional Love, Happiness, Peace, and Life. You will learn to be an artist of life through mastering your Awareness, Transformation, and Intent. Every student and apprentice has a different background and starting point, so everyone's path to mastery is unique. The one constant among every individual journey is the need for action. Knowing without acting leaves you exactly where you were before learning, or even worse off. The Toltec Heart Path Mastery Trainings are meant to be put into practice and lived to experience the pure Love, joy, and peace that is in every moment of your life. I am accepting applications for the Toltec Heart Path Mastery Training programs that will be starting in January. There will be different levels of programs that you can choose which is best for you. These programs will be structured from curious initiates looking for some information up to full on apprentices. There will only be a handful of apprentices at any given time as the amount of dedication and support required from me is equal to how intense their program is for them. I look to have the website with all the information, applications, and opportunities up within a couple months. For those interested in becoming students or apprentices, you can message me and you can start your path as soon as you are ready. I look forward to living the new direction. All my best...Todd

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What we're about

This meetup is about helping individuals with a strong desire for dramatic personal change and growth to learn a path that will get them everything they desire.

The Toltec teachings are designed to be lived. For anyone to get the results, he/she must do the work. This is what the meetup is about. Every meetup is structured to help everyone not just learn the techniques, but to put them to use and own them. This is the only way to achieve deep healing and achieve the freedom, peace, and joy that is our authentic selves...our heart!

For those of you that choose to commit to your freedom, to Lie and Being, to living in a state of unconditional Love, I will commit to teaching and mentoring you along the Toltec Heart Path as I have had it taught to me. You will receive the authentic, ancient Toltec Wisdom practices. You will receive the trainings that, if you do the work, will give you all the tools you will ever need to live a life of pure unconditional Love. You will receive my commitment to push you where you need to be pushed, and gently guide you where you need the gentleness.

The Toltec path is not for everyone. In the past, the teachers would only bring in those people with the right energy and personal power. This still occurs today, but in a different fashion. Today the teachers open the teachings to everyone, and those that don't have what it takes will not do the work or make the commitment to themselves. You all have it in you to achieve complete peace, joy, and unconditional Love each and every moment of your life. You experienced that state when you came into this world. The real question is, will you make that commitment to yourself to achieve it?

If you desire to live from your heart in peace, joy, and unconditionality, then I have a way that will work for you. Join us for our meetups and begin your path to Freedom.

Why are the members called warriors?

In the Toltec tradition, when someone started on the path to freedom, they were referred to as a warrior. This was because from that point on they were committing to themselves. For the remainder of their lives, they would fight to change themselves, to free themselves from the fear and drama of their mind. They never stopped on their path to transform their limiting beliefs, behaviors, habits, and programming in their lives into an unconditional and joyful way of living. They committed to becoming authentic. They committed to living from the heart. Are you ready to commit to your joy and happiness? Will you fight to be free and live a life of bliss and experience your world as heaven on earth each moment?

Who am I?

I am a Toltec teacher and Mentor. I have lived and received the authentic ancient Toltec wisdom teachings through my mentor/teacher, Don Luis Molinar, as he received them from his mentor/teacher don Miguel Ruiz, bestselling Author of "The Four Agreements". For more info, please visit my website: (

My Goal:

I am putting together a power Journey to the Toltec pyramids of Teotihuacan along with my teacher, Don Luis Molinar in August 2018. I am looking to use this meetup as a jumpstart for people to be able to prepare for and make the most of this incredible transformational process at the pyramids. I am also looking to prepare enough students for a dreaming workshop.

Your authentic self is your heart. When you shift to living from your heart, you live experience and express each moment the Love and Life essence that you are.

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