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What did you have for lunch today?

What it a good choice as far as your health is concerned?

If you'd like to make a healthier choice for tomorrow's lunch then this might be a great group for you to join!

We'll get together once a month (maybe more) in the evening and actually prepare our lunches for the next day - so be sure to bring a container from home! We'll follow the advice and some of the recipes by Dr. Michael Greger, MD (founder of Nutrionfacts.org (https://nutritionfacts.org/) and author of the #1 best seller How Not To Die).

I'll go to farmers market around Chico to get most of the ingredients for the evening's recipe and I'll get enough to make lunch for a small group of people. As the group grows we can do a pot-luck style meetup where everyone brings one or two ingredients to contribute.

I have a background in health and wellness, so in addition to preparing tomorrow's lunch we can chat about some of Dr. Greger's research about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. In time we'll all up our game when it comes to actually living a healthier lifestyle and making better choices with our food!



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