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TONING IN: Come join these HEALING EXPERIENCE as we listen to Tibetan Bowls and Create healing sounds with our voices. Massage tables will be available to lie on while listening to Toning and Tibetan bowls. You can even have the bowls placed on your body, which can be very healing as the body experiences the vibrations of the sounds! Everyone will have time on the table if they so choose and then you can sit in chairs around the massage tables toning or just experiencing the inaudible sounds and healing vibrations. SOUND HEALING CLASSES: In Lenedra Carroll's classes we will work extensively together with sound. Special focus will be given also to the use of inaudible sound, as well as certain geometries that enhance the effects of your personal sound work. Each class will also have a section on healing with the use of sound. This is a participatory class with 30 minutes of instruction. Each class will also have a sound healing segment that all can participate in as sound healers and/or recipients of the healing. If you would like to receive healing but not attend the class you can arrange this as well Please let people know that others can come to this part of the class for rejuvenation, balancing, clearing, and healing through the use of sound.

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