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Too Much Womxn San Francisco Bay Area
A community for ambitious womxn who are ready to explore their leadership outside of the normal gender paradox.
You’re different, you’re out-of-the-box and you want to make a meaningful impact while expressing your authentic self.

You want to deepen the value you bring to your business, team, or community in a way that utilizes your unique abilities rather than forcing through tasks that just don’t support genius.

Riding on the coattails of #MeToo is a new viral message that’s sparked a global movement. The movement is #TOOMUCHWOMAN, by Gina Hatzis, and it’s captivating an audience of women who are navigating a parallel and opposing reality. If we speak up, we risk being antagonized, and if we stay silent, we suffer. Yet women are continually taking the risk to stand up and speak out.

Now, more than ever, an unprecedented number of women are running for and winning a seat at the table: in media, on leadership teams, in the boardroom as well as in politics — women from every corner of the workplace, and the world are stepping up.

Join us if...

You want to harness your “creative genius” to win in the workplace
You feel like you’re trying to conform to societal expectations or norms
You want to be recognized as a leader or grow your influence as one
You want to explore mindful communication and embodiment
You want to learn new skills that will help you stay more present
You lead a business, a team, a project or community and
You’ve been told somewhere along the line that you’re either too much or not enough and it’s impacted your self expression
You’d like to experience more balance between your own masculine and feminine energy
Navigate gender dynamics at home and at work
Establish authentic influence by speaking your authentic truth - aka- your creative genius, spiritual g spot.
Balance the many roles you play as womxn
Navigating gender in the world of either being not enough or too much: Lean in vs lean out

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