What we're about

Have you considered dipping your toes in the waters of consulting?

Have you ever wondered how to monetize the knowledge & experience you already have?

Have you said, "Someday, I am going to start my business"?

If so, join us to learn the top, most efficient and effective ways to start consulting WITHOUT having to leave you full-time job (unless you want to!) Learn what's working NOW for 2020!

Most of all, bring your business idea, expertise or hobby. Receive a free consultation as part of our Q&A session for direct feedback and guidance on how to consult in the knowledge and experience you already have! The group will also give feedback as a Mastermind for market research.

This is perfect for professional women who are:

-Passionate about something that has been on your heart that you KNOW you should be doing OR

-In the "Sandwich Generation"-Caught in the Middle, financially taking care of senior parents and/or high school/college-aged children and wondering what will be left for them now and in retirement OR

-Losing/Lost their passion for their current career and want to do what they are REALLY passionate about, but need the exact steps & support to make it happen OR

-Wanting to be in more control of their Time, Dollar & Destiny!

There is someone waiting for your gift, talent, ability or knowledge you have and sees you as valuable! You are the answer to their prayer, wish or concern! They need YOU and only what YOU can offer in your own unique way.

- Imagine sharing your unique gifts, talents and abilities and being appreciated!

- Imagine Impacting lives in a significant way, the way you have always intended and envisioned!

- Imagine truly being in control of your time, your dollar and your destiny while strategically transitioning from your full-time job!

-Imagine having a successful plan in place for income now AND for retirement,
creating more success, abundance and freedom in your life at the same time?

This meetup is specifically for you, if you're passionate about a subject, topic, hobby or professional skill and excited to make a consulting business from it but don't have an established brand, following or proven system and framework to follow. Join us TODAY!

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