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This group is for those who own dogs 7 lbs. and under. Let's face it..even though small dogs should not be allowed to get away with what big dogs are not allowed to get away with, the results will be different/dangerous if a big dog accidentally or intentionally harms a smaller dog. If you have a Toy/Teacup dog that is under 7 lbs that has no aggression issues towards other dogs and canines (not counting a little growl or snap here and there to tell another canine his/her space is being invaded disrespectfully), then this group is for you. This will be an evolving group that will initially start off with monthly meetups, and we trust owners enough to be responsible for their own dogs immunization/health options whether through conventional vaccinations or alternative methods (i.e., supplements, raw feeding, homeopathy, etc.). Our initial goal is to get our numbers up so when we meet indoors we have enough members to keep the costs down to under $10 per person during meetups if there are costs associated with the Meetup. Dogs between 7-10 lbs may be allowed, but with very, very strict conditions to ensure the welfare of the smaller ones (the bigger the dog; the stricter the conditions if over 7 or 10 lbs. Dogs over 10 lbs. and especially much larger ones MUST have zero aggression issues towards other dogs (puppies included who yet has to learn not to pester adult dogs that want to be left alone) and cannot be running around rambunctiously or even just going about without the dog being mindful that it is around smaller dogs that it can easily crush just by accidentally stepping, nudging, lying, or playing .

Lastly, this is also a place wherein people can hopefully learn from one another in terms various training methods, nutrition, and spoiling our dogs with socialisation and obedience skills so they can be well behaved canine citizens and have more opportunities to accompany us when we travel wherein we need them to behave especially. We also hope to eventually have all members and non-members be aware of what standards to look for when acquiring very small or tiny dogs (or all dogs for that matter) with as little as health risks if possible, whether it be a mixed or a purebred dog, in order to avoid expensive veterinary costs and a lot of hopefully preventable heartache. Oh yes, spoiling your pooch with fashionable apparel is also not a problem, of course, but should be secondary to the dog's health care, socialisation, training and exercise needs in order for your pooch(es) to have a great time at the Meetups and elsewhere!

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