What we're about

The AI innovation forum covers AI topics that are:
- Of business relevance
- About to turn a corner where their usefulness will increase dramatically
- Potentially trending the news
- Affecting society

This not the traditional meetup with a speaker talking to a (passive) audience.
We create an intimate circle of 10-12 people per topic; the sitting arrangement (a circle) makes it easy for everyone to see each other's face and listen to each other.
Everyone has equal time to speak on the first round, after introducing yourself to the group. From that point on it's an open discussion. If there are prominent people with specialist knowledge on the topic, they will naturally get more time to speak as the audience will want to hear more.

By the end of the meetup, you will know the other participants well enough to feel connected. Our goal is to produce more personal, durable connections than the standard meetup format.

We meet Weekly at 207 Queens Quay West,Queens Quay Terminal, south building , second floor, open space in front of 'Pearl' restaurant.

Do I need to be deeply technical?
No. Some topics will be technical, some won't.
Who attends these meetings?
People interested in AI. Most are practitioners already, some are well-known in the field, but many are simply curious
Can I attend if I know nothing about the topic, but I'm interested in learning more?

Upcoming events (2)

10-Minute Interviews to get into AI DEEP DIVE #AITheNorth

Register https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/10-minute-interviews-to-get-into-ai-deep-dive-aithenorth-tickets-77589402993 Do you want a career in AI? Yes! Do you have Python skills? Yes! Do you have Coursera https://www.coursera.org/: AI, Machine Learning, Data Science courses? Yes! Do you have a Bachelors, Masters or PhD? Yes! Are you obsessed with AI? Yes! This Wednesday October 23rd between 6pm & 9pm we will be having speed interviews for our November 4th cohort start date. Space is limited to 12. While 1-on-1 interviews are happening we will be discussing how to navigate the Canadian AI ecosystem. Join our AI Innovation Forum to meet your peers in AI & leverage the network to accelerate your AI career. This is a movement. #AITheNorth Register https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/10-minute-interviews-to-get-into-ai-deep-dive-aithenorth-tickets-77589402993

Accelerate Your AI Career, Create Your (Im)Possible AI Project

Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/accelerate-your-ai-career-create-your-impossible-ai-project-tickets-78073647381 “I want to prove beyond doubt that, literally, anyone can build useful tools with AI, and that these tools can solve real problems,” Jose (Betakit, July[masked]) “Toronto is having a moment as the centre of AI globally,” Danilo (Betakit, July[masked]) #AITheNorth Agenda: (1) where our international AI network of 200+ graduates have landed (2) what the current AI job market in Toronto offers? (3) how you can find a meaningful AI role? (4) what we've designed which is taking you from 'something' to 'something meaningful' in AI We will be accepting applications for our November 18th batch. Apply to www.AiDeepDive.com and Click Apply Here (prior to this event) Meet the Founder & Ceo of AI DEEP DIVE, Jose Quesada https://www.linkedin.com/in/jfquesada/ & Danilo Tomanovic www.linkedin.com/in/danilotomanovic. Meet your AI peers. Meet the AI Deep Dive team. #AITheNorth https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/accelerate-your-ai-career-create-your-impossible-ai-project-tickets-78073647381

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