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What we're about

The AI Innovation Manifesto (or what's so different about y'all?)

We are gamechangers.

Why? Instead of listening to talking heads all night long & then you have maybe 20 minutes to network, we have a 'fireside' that sparks a 'community' conversation around AI.

You should join to meet other Like-minded people who are AI practitioners, creating AI projects, are Founders of new startups, Leaders in their companies when it comes to AI innovation, & those that are 'open-minded'.

We are curious as to what the Toronto AI ecosystem has to offer, the leaders in the space. The new new AI thing.

We focus on the grassroots.

This is similar to what we've seen with hobbiest clubs where those that are 'geeking-out' are comfortable to showcase their talents, ask for help, perhaps meet future team-mates, and we predict that you will in a few months mention that yes sitting next to you was that friend of a friend that created that AI thing that 'shot to the moon'. Or perhaps that was you ;)

We are unashamedly proud of our Toronto & Canadian roots.

We believe in paying-it-forward.

We are here to share & leverage the wisdom of the community.

Make new friends. Become inspired. Learn about the AI ecosystem. Learn how to gain that meaningful AI role, career.

We are here to open our eyes to the brilliance, the talent of our AI peers.

Expect to be challenged. More importantly expect to have your voice heard.

We are gamechangers as it's not about us. It's about you.

And isn't it about time, after all?


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ONLINE FIRESIDE: Machine Learning: Why Time is of the Essence?

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