AI workshop - TensorFlow intro


We're hosting a intro-level AI workshop at the Toronto City Hall on June 28th - that explores machine learning with Python and the open source library TensorFlow. TensorFlow is the second generation machine learning system behind Google Brain ( ).

There will be a presentation and during that time we'll walk through the code and use visualisations that allow us to actually see how its internal representation morphs over time as it learns. We'll also try out some live AI experiments to get an intuitive feel for how the model behaves.

Cost function: Free


Please bring a laptop with with Docker CE installed:

Stay tuned for further instructions!

Please note: This is the third replay (iteration) of this workshop, covering the same content as the past two workshops. Please be patient, we are working on a new workshop for later this summer, and we'll post a social night in the near future.

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p.s. If you are interested in joining a team to tackle AI competitions (e.g. Kaggle) or hackathons, if you have have an idea for an AI project and are looking for other AI developers to help your cause, or even if you have а topic or paper that you would like to present, please contact the organisers (Dave MacDonald or Patrick O'Mara) and we'll get you connected. We want to hear from you.

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