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Do you agree that when you make a public commitment, you're much more inclined/pressured to make it a reality? A commitment to yourself isn't the best form of commitment, as you will continuously justify 'why' the deadline needed to be pushed.

Most of my successes have come from setting up the right environment and conditions geared to my success, all of which brought a level of discomfort and pressure, to help in achieving the goal/milestone.

I want to achieve goals much more quickly with that extra level of pressure, but alongside a community of other individuals ready to achieve big.

This is a group for those that have a greater vision for themselves and want to be able to grow in a group of like-minded-driven-individuals and want that extra level of intentionality to get 'shit' done.

We'll meet once a month, keep track of our monthly commitments, and be sure to have them done. Please be radically open to any suggestions or the 'hard-true' to a group of people that want to see you succeed in life.

We don't like excuses or lazy individuals, but we understand sometimes the unpredictable happens.

To join this group, you have to be committed to meeting every month, achieving your goal, and pushing yourself to success. We'll meet at casual settings, mostly restaurants or bars in downtown Toronto.

- 2 consecutive 'no-shows' and you're out.
- 3 combined 'no-shows' and you're out.
- 3 non-achievements and you're out.
- Stealing ideas from others and you're out.
- Not wanting the best for the group and you're out.
- Rude and no respect or integrity and you're out.

$20 initial investment

Let's become our best-self!!!

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