Designing for Democracy w/Dana Chisnell


UPDATE: Dana will be joining via videoconference.

How do you ensure voters’ ballots are counted as they intend? Or that people even get to the voting booth in the first place? You work to make sure the system is designed to help citizens effectively exert political choice.

Sounds simple enough, but we know the voter journey is fraught. In the U.S., even after widely covered controversy about the role of “hanging chad” ballot designs in electing George W. Bush, hundreds of thousands of federal votes have been excluded in the last decade alone due to citizen error -- particularly those of low-income and elderly people.

At the Center for Civic Design, usability expert and Harvard professor Dana Chisnell explores how to better inform voters, design improved elections, and ensure the accessibility of voting systems. She also wants to make voting a pleasure!

How can behavioural insights improve elections? How can we make the voting process easier? How can we design for democracy? Vote with your presence by joining Toronto Action Design at our next meetup, on Monday, October 1st!

Details -
Monday, October 1st
The Samara Centre for Democracy
33 Prince Arthur Avenue

6-6:30 PM: Drinks, democratic conversation
6:30-6:40: The TAD Ten - Ten quick slides on behavioural design and ballots!
6:40-7:25 PM: Dana talks
7:25-7:45ish PM: Questions
7:45-8:15 PM: More drinks, more informed democratic conversation

This Toronto Action Design event is graciously hosted by the Samara Centre for Democracy, and supported by MASS LBP.