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Film is making a comeback! Well for some photographers it never really left.

If you enjoy shooting film this group is for you. We hold a couple meetup events a year, so far they've all been free. They're fun, you get to meet other people who enjoy photography and you get to shoot a few rolls/sheets of film. Some members, like me, only shoot in black and white, while others shoot colour.

Some print their photos in a home darkroom while others scan negs and print off the screen.

Whatever winds your film.

Some members use classic cameras and thats fine. Myself I use a couple different models depending on the format but none are old classics.

This group is open to people just starting out in B&W and those who have enjoyed it for years.

If you wonder who I am, this is my website... robskeoch.com.


Upcoming events (5+)

Good Friday Procession in Little Italy

Aroma Coffee Shop

Throughout the world and for hundreds of years, churches have organized Good Friday Processions. There are famous ones around the world including in the Philippines, Sicily, South America and the procession held in Toronto's Little Italy. These are wonderful events to attend and wonderful to photograph. This is a major Toronto festival and some years over 100,000 people attend. The streets in the area are closed all day and people line the procession route five deep. Let's meet at the coffee shop and then head over to the church. A lot of the best shots are the people getting ready in the staging area.

47th annual Festival of India

Needs a location

I heard this was a fun event and is likely very colourful, so why not grab your film camera and some black and white film (best for shooting colour) and join me and other classic camera photographers for a fun day and cultural from a country I've never been to.

Bring those film cameras to the "Fergus Scottish Games"

Needs a location

I have never been to the "Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games" so this is my chance to go. I have no idea what the day will bring, but I'm excited to go and find out. If you would like to join me, please come along. This is open for those shooting with film cameras, come on out and let's see what trouble we can get ourselves into.

Bikers in Dover

Port Dover Ontario

It's Friday the 13th and every biker worth his leather jacket will be heading to Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie to party. It's a tradition that's been going on for decades. I plan to head down and look for subjects to photograph. Might even bring the big camera and a background. Those that have gone before say to be there around 11am. Let me know if you want to come along. We can meet near Hamilton maybe.

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