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Hi all,

This is a platform for all investors who want to invest capital in profitable projects. We will explore Canadian and global investment opportunities. We will use my company, Tasttlig Corporation as a template to assess the inner workings of a profitable company and how an investments can be realized over 100x within a year.

You will get the opportunity to :

Invest in a company first hand and see how real money is made in the value creation process.

Learn and improve your knowledge on stock, bonds and alternative assets such as crytocurrencies, managed accounts, hedge fund and private equity and debt funds.

Learn and improve your knowledge on exits, mergers and acquisitions in private and public exchanges.

About me:

My name is Nabil Mensah and I am the founder of Tasttlig Corporation. The company behind the successful Regent Park Multi-National Holiday Market. I have been in finance since August 2006. I have successfully started and exited 3 companies. In my first acquisition deal, I bought a company for $4,000.00 and grew it to $120,000 in one year. I sold 10% of it for $12,000.00. I have since started 3 companies on 2 continents. I currently run Tasttlig Corporation with teams in Canada, USA, South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. We are on a mission to showcase the world in a positive light by providing people a platform to share their own stories.

Professionally, I'm a licensed financial advisor. I have advised businesses and people from the East Coast through to the West Coast of Canada. I have worked for Sun Life Financial, Bank of Nova Scotia, National Bank of Canada and Great West Life. I hold a government license to advise on investment and insurance products and services. I'm committed to sharing all my knowledge and experience with you through this meetup. I look forward to meeting you and learning about you too. Have a great and prosperous new year.


Nabil Mensah

Founder, Tasttlig Corporation.

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