Building Complex Systems with DNN Sharp modules

Toronto Area DNN User Group (TADUG)
Toronto Area DNN User Group (TADUG)
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- Presentation: Building Complex Systems with DNN Sharp modules

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- Main Presentation: On this TADUG meeting we will have Bogdan Litescu as the main presenter talking about how to build complex systems with DNN Sharp modules.

DNN Sharp modules are built to be non-restrictive. We often are awed by what our customers build. Since we're eating our own dog food, I will be showing our continuous integrations system that we've built with our technology a few years ago and it has been working flawlessly ever since.

About Bogdan Litescu:

Bogdan Litescu is your typical geek with the ultimate goal to build and own successful software products. Accidentally, he made it and DNN Sharp has been the top module provider for DNN for the last few years. For some reason he can't understand, people like him so they joined his crazy idea of a team, where everyone is encouraged to take ownership and deliver one's full potential. He keeps a journal that he hopes will be worth a lot of money once he's famous. His life philosophy include: try everything twice, connect the dots and ice cream.

- Where: Meeting will be done via GoToMeeting and the link is:

- When: Wednesday November 7th, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm Eastern Time.

Come ready to ask, talk and share!