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Monsterhearts in Black Lake - Season 2!

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Sex, Blood, Monsters, Drama, High School?

Previously on Monsterhearts:

After Jessie ejected the dark spirit into the woods he tries to make a quick escape, but he’s confronted by his friends. He receives a text from Sid telling him to kill everyone and Cam gets a look at his phone after a scuffle. Jessie manages to escape, but runs directly into his old dark power in the woods. He also meets Cassidy there, the new boy in town who was recently ejected from his mountain-top roost of dragon folk. Jessie sells out this potential new friend and tries to turn the Pestilent figure against Cassidy. After a tussle they realize they’d better band together to not die and Jessie texts his friends, who are still at Ophelia’s house. Everyone leaves to confront the big bad except Lucian, who state behind, turns into Ophelia using his foxy wiles and tries to seduce and murder Mr Johnson the former AV technician from the school. Back in the forest everyone confronts Pestilence in the woods and defeat him in a hail of bullets, axes and winged claws. Jessie and Cassidy are wounded by friendly fire in the fight and Ophelia hears trouble coming from her mansion. She takes off after it leaving Cam behind to finish Pestilence off. Once defeated for good, Pestilence gives Cam a vision of things to come; an image of three angry horsemen riding towards Black Lake, looking for revenge. Everyone heads back to the Saunders mansion, but on the way Jessie manages to kill one of Zoe’s bikers and take his gun, he then succumbs to a mob of possessed Black Lake townsfolk who drag him off somewhere to make “improvements”. Zoe and Cam come across this scene on the way home and decide to leave them all be. They all return to the Mansion where Ophelia and Cassidy allow Lucian back into the mansion under guard. Cam and Ophelia go off the the boudoir for a quickie leaving Lucian and Cassidy alone. Lucian quickly collects all the books pertaining to Asmodeus and his ilk and beats a hasty retreat from the house after convincing Cassidy to let him go. Meanwhile Zoe and what’s left of her gang follow the mob at a distance. They confront her and she turns back only to find Lucian, naked, running away with the books. She and her gang open fire on Lucian, but miss horribly. Lucian escapes into an alley in the side streets of Black Lake where he encounters the grim spectre of Death waiting for him. Angry that his brother was killed, Death exacts vengeance on Lucian. Lucian decides to try to save himself, and the books, but stumbles on his escape and Death cuts him down. Lucian dies as he lived; plotting and scheming and getting himself into just a little too much trouble. Everyone else meets back up and decides to look for Lucian. Meanwhile we close on a dark ritual, where Jessie is being cut open and dark angry energy is being poured into him.

What will happen next week? Let’s find out!

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We are a few sessions into our new campaign and so far so good! This game is quite versatile and fun! Check out the specifics here:

Also, I would be interested in playing this little Superhero RPG called "Supercrew" perhaps with this group on weeks where we get a smaller turn out or something. I'm not bound to this idea, but I think it would be cool.

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