What we're about

Welcome!! We are a Meetup group dedicated to Asians living in Toronto. Our goal is to create a friendly community environment that enables Asians living in Toronto and surrounding area to connect with one another, through participation of fun social activities together, hosted by volunteer community organizers.

Who should join :

Asians living in Toronto and surrounding area in the age group of 20s-30s, who would like to connect with others living in the area.

Why you should join :

• To meet other fun Asians in the area!

• To participate in fun social outings like dining out, sport events, BBQ's, movie nights, and other fun social activities!

• To network with like-minded people by sharing experiences and giving advice

• To have fun!

What we are not :

• Online dating service or singles group. Couples are welcome!

• Acts of harassment or intimidation of any kind, in person or online, are strictly prohibited.

We are commited to maintain a friendly, non-intimidating, safe and positive social environment for our community members to connect with one another. Please respect this group and our members!

* Sending unsolicited messages to other TAG members through Meetup Messaging, is Strictly Prohibited. Many members in our group do not appreciate this type of messages. We consider this as a form of spam harassment, and is in violation to our Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy (see below). Violators will be banned from the group permanently.

At TAG, we believe in meeting new friends through the old fashion way, which is to meet new friends in person, through attending fun & friendly social events, NOT through creepy online messages. Violators will be banned from the group permanently.

If you feel like the above description fits you, feel free to join us!

Please see below for details of our member policies :


Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s is NOT a dating group but instead is meant to be a social group with ZERO expectations, ZERO pressure and ZERO HARASSMENT between our members. We have ZERO TOLERANCE towards harassment of any kind within the group.

This includes and is not limited to acts of harassments conducted through phone, email, text messaging, Meetup member messaging, or during an TAG event.

All members are encouraged to inform the organizer team immediately if he/she has been subjected to such acts of harassment. We will investigate the issue immediately and the member causing the harassment will be removed from the group immediately. We strive to maintain Toronto Asian Community as a friendly, positive and safe social environment for all members.


RSVP & Attendance Policy:

Here at Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s, we put in a lot of effort in planning and organizing events to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Therefore, when you RSVP "YES" to an event, you are expected to commit to your RSVP to the event and observe the following RSVP policies:

1. RSVP Cancellation Deadline: Every event will have a RSVP cancellation deadline. This deadline can be found on the event description page. Basically, this is the last day that you can cancel your RSVP. After this deadline, you are considered committed to your RSVP to the event. If you need to cancel your RSVP, cancel before the deadline.

2. Late Bail Out (LBO): If you cancel your RSVP AFTER the RSVP cancellation deadline, you are now considered to have Late Bailed Out (LBO) for the event. You will receive a strike on your record with the group (which will say something like "LATE BAILOUT mmddyy", where "mmddyy" is the date of the event you late bailed).

3. No Show (NS): If you have RSVP'd "YES" to an event, and you did not show up at the event. You are now considered No Show for the event. You will be removed from the group immediately.

This is in effect because we consider No Show to be inconsiderate and disrespectful to the hard work that our organizers have put into organizing and hosting events (you wouldn't do this to your friends or family right?).

However, if special circumstances applied to your No Show; it is up to you to inform the event organizer of such circumstances. It is at the sole discretion of the organizer to remove the ban or apply a no show strike on your record.

4. Event Crashing (EC): Participation of all TAG events requires RSVP sign-up. Our organizers need to know exactly how many people will show up at an event so they can plan accordingly. If you show up at an event without prior RSVP or have not obtained permission from the event organizer to attend the event without RSVP'ing, you will cause event accommodation issues for the organizer. We do not appreciate nor accept this behavior.

Therefore, if you show up at an event without prior RSVP or event organizer approval, you will receive a strike on your record for Event Crashing (EC), which will say something like "EVENT CRASH mmddyy", where "mmddyy" is the date of the event which EC occurred.

5. Two(2) Strike Policy: TAG is currently operating on a two strike RSVP policy, if you have accumulated 2 strikes/warnings on your record of any kind, you are immediately removed from the group. Strikes may be removed from a person record. given that they have had 5 consecutive events with no issues. That member may contact a co-organizer to request a removal of the strike.

6. Inviting guests to events: Some events may allow members to invite guest(s) to attend the event. If you would like to bring a friend to an event, please note that all rules & policies will extend to your guest on your behalf. All policy violations associated with your guest will be reflected on your record (For example: if your guest have LBO'ed from an event, it may result in a LBO strike on your record. If your guest has No Show'ed at the event or if we receive harassment complaints regarding the guest from other TAG members, then you may be removed from the group permanently). Therefore, please invite guests wisely in order to ensure that the guest invitations will not result in a negative impact on your membership standing with TAG.


Legal Liability

As a member, you agree that Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any loss or damage, including but not limited to personal injury or death, resulting from participation in any of our events. I hereby waive all rights to pursue any legal actions against Toronto Asian Group, its management team, organizers, and hosts in this regard.


Advertising/Promotional Policy

All non-TAG related advertisement/promotional postings and/or actions within the group must be pre-approved by the organizers. Violators of this policy may risk being banned from the group.


Membership to the Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s

Membership to the Toronto Asian Group Meetup group is a privilege. TAG reserves the right to reject membership application without given reasons, or to terminate membership at any time.


Agreement to the Above Terms

Upon reviewing the above terms, please type the following sentence in the registration question if you understand and agree to the terms of bring a member of Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s.

***I understand and agree to the policies set forth by Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s.***

Copyright (R) 2015 by Toronto Asian Group (TAG) 20s-30s.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication of members policies may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Toronto Asian Group(TAG) 20s-30s.

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