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Sunday Tour de Hamilton - July 22
Come at 9:45 to get your bike set up, we leave promptly at 10. Meet in the parking lot of Shell Park, 3307 Lakeshore Road West a kilometre west of Bronte Rd , lots of parking. The plan is to bike out for a couple of hours and stop for food and drink at the Black Forest Inn. This is an intermediate ride of 60K. Please note that 5 to 15+ members also attend each ride. It is recommended that you bring a spare tube, a pump, a bell, food, a water bottle, money, bike shoes, a lock, front and back lights, a rain jacket and a smile. Please note, as a meet-up rider, you may attend our Tuesday and Friday evening and our Thursday and Sunday day rides for free. To attend our biking events you must wear a helmet and be 21 years old or older. To attend weekend overnight trips or our socials you must be a paid member. Membership is $20 and can be purchased on our web site

Shell Park (NORTH)

3307 Lakeshore Road West · Oakville, ON


What we're about

The Toronto Bicycle Club was founded in 1983 (Originally the High Park Bicycle Club). We are known as the friendliest, most enjoyable and socialable bicycle club.

This year we have scheduled 81 local bike rides, 9 weekend bike trips (resort and camping), 10% discount at Mountain Equipment Co-op on our special night, 10% discount off all regularly priced accessories and reduced rates on service at Cyclepath on Danforth, and more and more. Visit our web page for details

We are also known as a very comprehensive bicycle club, which provides a wide range of biking and social activities such as Tuesday evening & Friday evening bike riding tours (about 20 km each), Sunday Road (50-60 km) and Thursday day time (35 km each) rides and our very popular weekend excursions. Let us not forget our exciting and fun socials.

Meetup Riders are invited to attend (at no charge) our day or night bike rides. However for socials and picnics there is a fee for Meetup Riders, but this is all included free for members of the bike club. You must be a member of the bike club to attend our BBQ's, weekend and other long trips.

We are a not-for-profit bicycle club. Volunteers are the heart of our bicycle club. By getting involved, as our members do, this will allow you to benefit the most from the club. All members, new and returning, are welcome to come out, participate and have fun this spring, summer and fall. We go out of our way to make our new members feel a part of our family.

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