What we're about

Internet of Things, machine learning, cloud, predicative data analytics.... huh???

Most of the business people I interviewed have a similar response: that's great.. but how does all this help me grow my customer base and improve the bottom line?

Our vision is to form a local community where technology can drive real value for businesses, where engineers and scientists connect with business people
to solve real world challenges.

How is this group different:

The technical details are important, but our main focus will be in the application of new IT solutions to solve business challenges and deliver practical value.

The analogy is like driving a car, even though it is fun to understand how the engine and transmission works, the real value of the car is in in the ability to get from point A to point B, which is what we will focus on.

How do we achieve this:

All of our events will always start with a realistic business case (majority of which were submitted by real businesses) and conducted with a live demo/prototype of how a particular technology was leveraged to answer the business challenge, produce actionable results and deliver value.

How to get involved:

- Submit a real life business challenges to us to work on as a demo projects (you can remain anonymous, could be a problem that need solving at work, or if you are a business owner looking for ideas)
- Submit requests for demos (always include a realistic business case to solve)
- Contribute to projects and gain experience solving real world business problems using the latest technology
- Contribute to brainstorming discussions
- Contribute whitepapers or links that you find relevant and interesting
- Learn and work together with new friends whom share your passions
- Network with businesses and demonstrate what you can really do to solve their challenges
- Submit your ideas for continuous improvement of this community

What to expect in the future:

- Industry networking functions based on problem solving and discussions between local business owners and technical experts
- Case studies with demo of solution
- Small group discussions and problem solving
- Local projects solving real life business problems (both enthusiast and actual)

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