Creating Powerful Windows 8 Applications with C++/CX for WinRT


Session Overview

C++ has been receiving new attention from Microsoft during the last few years. Based on the newer C++ 11, the non-standard extension: C++/CX, is the language extensions used for WinRT development on the Windows 8.

C++/CX and C++ 11 new language features adopt many of the features we learned to appreciate on the C# language over the years, but has the full power of the C++ language.

In this session we will get to know the newer Visual Studio 2011 (Beta), go over C++ 11 language features and see how to build WinRT applications with C++/CX.

About the Speaker

Erez Harari (MCT & MCPD) is the CTO of Sela Canada, continuing the role of Senior Architect and Consultant he performed at the Sela Technology Centre of Sela Group for the past four years, while specializing in both Server side and Client side technologies with in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft .NET infrastructure and architecture. Formerly a CTO and a .NET specialist and consultant; Erez already had 10 years of mastering C++ (for various operating systems) and 2 years of Java experience, when he willingly took the deep dive into Microsoft .NET as it first showed up as beta during the year 2000.

Erez specializes in a wide area of server-side technologies, and even more in data oriented technologies, such as: Entity Framework (and ORM in general), WCF, WF, and of course a variety of database engines. However, on top of all, he likes developing games for the Windows Phone 7 (XNA & SL), the Kinect and the upcoming Windows 8.

Visit Erez's Blog (, LinkedIn (, and Twitter (!/HarariErez).

Important Note

This meeting is a joint meeting with the North Toronto User Group and registration is done by them so please register here: