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Realizing that most Cloud meetups are biased towards platforms and infrastructure, we created this meetup for the developers who write the actual code that runs on cloud platforms.

Join us to meet with some of the best experts in Cloud Native Application Development, discussing Design Patterns, Techniques and tips on how to build the new generation of resilient, reliable and highly scalable software.

We will focus on the most popular Cloud Platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure), the most popular languages (Java, JavaScript, Python), Front End Development, APIs, Containerization, serverless and everything Cloud Native!

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Cloud Native Development Tools: Amplify vs. Netlify

At the first ever Toronto Cloud Native Development Meetup, we're discussing Cloud Native Development services. AWS Amplify vs. Netlify. Join us to learn from Ahmed Khalifa and Varun Vachhar as they discuss what each of these services can do, how they differ and when to use them. All while demo'ing what these services can do! Whether you're just getting started with Cloud Native Services or have a lot of experience, this Meetup is an opportunity to meet with Cloud Native experts to increase your knowledge, understanding, and skill. ---------------------------- Schedule to be announced. Stay tuned for more details! ----------------------------- About our speakers: Ahmed Khalifa is the Director of Technology Strategy at Rangle.io. With 25 years of experience, he has a deep understanding of - and passion in - Cloud Native Architecture and DevOps. Ahmed is also an instructor of cloud computing at UofT School of Continuing Studies. Varun Vachhar is the Director of Technical Strategy for UI Architecture at Rangle.io. With 9+ years of experience, Varun is a developer with a deep understanding and passion for design, interactivity and animation. ----------------------------- Other useful information: Our speakers have demonstrations and activities planned. Please bring a notebook or laptop. All attendees are required to sign-in upon arrival. Rangle does not store contact information without explicit consent.

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