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What we’re about

This meet up is for all wishing to learn about community development tips, tools, practices, strategies, theory. It is a platform for events and seminars linked to the Collaborative Specialization in Community Development, the Community Worker Program at George Brown College, the Toronto Community Development Institute, and the UofT Centre for Community Partnerships, as well as related events from the Catalyst Centre, Tools for Change, and other groups, as we become aware of them, insofar as they are about learning about community development theory and/or practice. [To be clear: we don't post every rally, protest, and activist event in town, but focus instead on those whose emphasis is skills development, training, and learning about strategies, tactics, approaches, and perspectives on community organizing and community development].

The Collaborative Specialization in Community Development brings together faculty and graduate students from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (where the program is housed and supported, administratively), OISE (Counselling Psychology, and Adult Education and Community Development), Geography and Planning, Social Work, and Nursing. Students from other programs and departments can apply to be included, on a 'special' case by case basis. Students enrol in the CDCS as a field of specialization added to their home degrees, and requirements for completion of the CS are described at These include attending at least 6 events posted on this meetup site. As noted on our website, community development is a core competency for public health (as identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada and others), and in Social Work, Adult Education, and the other fields that comprise the CDCS. The capacity to work effectively with civil society organizations, NGOs, citizen groups, and community members, in a context that increasingly also brings in private sector and government actors, is at the core of effective practice in each of these fields. Students and faculty from the Community Worker Program at George Brown College are also encouraged to join us, as are all CD workers across this great city of ours.

This meetup group features events from both university and community, seeking to bridge the two.

Know of an event that is consistent with our mandate that is not yet listed here? Please let us know, so we can include it!