What we're about

The official site and resources for this group are at: https://thebigdatalife.com/toronto-data-science-product-development-group/ Please join and subscribe there!

We're advancing analytics with an emphasis on implementation in production design and development.

This is a group for anyone interested in building a product together that incorporates web development, big data, and data science.

The goal is to create projects and products that serve a specific function. We do this together with our skills, ideas, and tools. The goal is to meet regularly to create rapid-fire solutions and enact our abilities toward something tangible, that we own!

In a group setting, we will solve a problem and creatively build a solution that we can add to our portfolios, or market online as a service or product.

Looking for developers, analysts and data scientists who can help architect and build fun projects. Together we will share knowledge and build fun products. This is the time for branching out, getting creative, and trying new things!

Past events (2)

Data Science Product Development KICKSTART

Toronto Public Library - Toronto Reference Library

Product Development Meetup

Toronto Public Library - North York Central Library

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