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DevOps movement is leveraging methods and principles of Lean, Agile, ITIL to bring back together Development and Operations! It is a cultural prerequisite for a ‘high-trust’ work environment.

Our goal is to promote DevOps by bringing together members of IT and Business organizations to:

1)Adopt or continue on their journey by focusing on CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing) in order of Lean, Measurement, Sharing, Culture and Automation (LMSCA).

2) Provide a forum for training, education and continuous learning

3) ‘Connect’ organizations and people in adopting and succeeding in DevOps

4) Address and solve real life challenges that our members experience through self-organized group discussions ‘anonymously’ (no person’s name, title or organizations to be mentioned!)

Please join us and we like to hear any suggestions you have for topics.

Toronto DevOps Meetup Team!

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Toronto DevOps Meetup - HR and DevOps! What are the gaps?

We will discuss HR processes for organizations adopting or already mature in DevOps and Agile. We will look at the gaps from perspective of DevOps Teams and HR (Directors, Managers and Associates) and why the current static HR Processes are not aligned with modern IT processes. This is a great session for all!

Toronto DevOps Meetup - Tools Tools!



Tool selection for DevOps! Sharing practical experience.

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Toronto DevOps Meetup - 2nd Meeting!

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