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What we’re about

1. Is helping others an important part of your life?

2. Do you strive to change your actions when better evidence and arguments reveal a more impactful path?

3. Do you want to meet friendly, like-minded people in Toronto?

If you answered "Yes" to all three: Welcome! This group is for you.


The effective altruism or EA community is “a global community of people who care deeply about the world, make benefiting others a significant part of their lives, and use evidence and reason to figure out how best to do so” -

Effective Altruism Toronto (EATO) is a local part of a global movement, network, and community

EATO is an informative, supportive, and social hub for anyone in Toronto who is interested in EA. Through our events and community building efforts, we support people from all walks of life to increase the positive social impact of their altruistically dedicated resources and efforts. 

We are particularly keen to hear from members of the community who are considering a career change, who would be open to starting an EA-related group/project, or who have expertise in a priority area, re

Welcome to the EA community in Toronto! Let's build it together!


Check out for more ideas on how to Get Involved with EATO