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DevOps is getting significant attention in the industry. Many organizations don’t understand what DevOps is, how to adopt DevOps practices effectively within the organization, and are not aware of what DevOps tools to use. Toronto Enterprise DevOps User Group is focused on applying DevOps practices in the enterprise environment. This group is for people in the Greater Toronto Area who are interested in continuous deployment/integration, release management, infrastructure as code, change/configuration management, load testing & auto-scale, performance/availability monitoring, capacity management, automated testing, automated environment provisioning/de-provisioning, self service environments, automated recovery (rollback & roll-Forward), and many more of constantly evolving DevOps practices. Every level of experience is welcome, all we ask is that you come with an open mind and are excited to share your knowledge.

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Global DevOps Bootcamp Toronto 2020

Microsoft Canada

To register for the event for free, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/global-devops-bootcamp-toronto-tickets-91832891651. Global DevOps Bootcamp is back on May 30th, 2020 and it will be better than ever! This year, we will focus on end to end storyline for a high performing software delivery team. During the day, you and your team will face multiple challenges to prepare your application for a big launch and learn how to apply DevOps/SRE practices to help you ship better software faster. During this 1-day free and awesome event we will join DevOps communities all around the world to talk, learn and play with DevOps concepts. * Goals of the Global DevOps Bootcamp: * DevOps in general * Insights into where we are heading when it comes to DevOps and new technologies * Get people’s hands dirty and let them play with all the good Microsoft DevOps stuff * No hassle or yak shaving. All pre-requisites are there for you so you can directly dig in to start learning. It is a great opportunity to learn and network with others locally working in this space, and also get to hear all about some real-world DevOps experiences. We have a very interesting storyline this year, where you and your team are responsible to build, deploy and run an application and face all kinds of challenges along the way! It is an amazing combination between getting your hands dirty and sharing experience and knowledge around Azure and DevOps practices with other community members. Of course, you will not be on your own. During the day you will be supported and guided by local experts who are active in the community. It’s one of the best hands on technical events of the year! See you there. To register for the event for free, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/global-devops-bootcamp-toronto-tickets-91832891651.

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