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DevOps is getting significant attention in the industry. Many organizations don’t understand what DevOps is, how to adopt DevOps practices effectively within the organization, and are not aware of what DevOps tools to use. Toronto Enterprise DevOps User Group is focused on applying DevOps practices in the enterprise environment. This group is for people in the Greater Toronto Area who are interested in continuous deployment/integration, release management, infrastructure as code, change/configuration management, load testing & auto-scale, performance/availability monitoring, capacity management, automated testing, automated environment provisioning/de-provisioning, self service environments, automated recovery (rollback & roll-Forward), and many more of constantly evolving DevOps practices. Every level of experience is welcome, all we ask is that you come with an open mind and are excited to share your knowledge.

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Pipelines, Infrastructure as Code and Deployments with Octopus Deploy

Eliminate unnecessary manual approvals for deployments to Dev, Test, and Production by automating the entire process from commit to Production.

In this talk, we will build a multi-tier application, deploy the infrastructure using Runbooks in Octopus, and lastly, configure Octopus to deploy the applications and database to Platform-as-a-service. Join Derek Campbell, Senior Solutions Architect at Octopus Deploy to see how you can use Octopus Deploy to its full potential.

In this talk, you will learn about:
* Azure Pipelines
* How to connect your build server to Octopus Deploy
* How to use Octopus for deploying Platform as a Service Infrastructure
* How to take your code from build through to Production in a single release while creating the Infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code.

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