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The Place of Prosperity for Business Owners & High-Achieving Entrepreneurs

Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™ is a community of entrepreneurs at any level whether you are just thinking about starting your first business or you are an experienced entrepreneur.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking for connections, know-how and inspiration, you have come to the right place.

Our mission is: "To provide leading-edge strategies, systems & support to our members so that they can significantly increase their income, improve the quality of their lives, take more vacations and enjoy the experience of being an Elite Entrepreneur."

Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™ is a powerful community, unlike anything else offered for business owners and high-level entrepreneurs.

Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™ is all about results.

Game-changing results that mean new business opportunities, better insight from peers and experts in a wide-range of fields, and real-time deal-construction that generates true bottom-line performance.Unlike many other business networks which promise “top quality” members and then deliver inexperienced members, the selection process involved in building this high-caliber community is methodical and targeted.

Members meet EVERY MONTH to set goals, hold each other accountable, be educated and share ideas & solutions with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. Networking happens organically because of the strong relationships you build with the other members.

What if you were just one table away from the exact people you need to propel your business forward?

Whatever you want in business and life, you can achieve it faster by your involvement in Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™.

Join our meetup today, attend one of our meetings, and see for yourself.


• Monthly educational seminars and workshops led by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

• Millions of $ in intellectual capital to support one another

• Intimate association with elite entrepreneurs and industry transformers from dozens of industries

• Stay informed to the biggest market trends, so you are always in the know and connected to your market

• Joint venturing & networking opportunity to guarantee you get to know and build relationships with each and every attendee, to assist in growing your business.

• Special social gatherings with other Toronto Entrepreneurs Group Members

• Private access to our Rolodex of vendors, contacts, and advisors

• Get specific advice and your questions answered from someone who has been in your shoes and is a proven business leader is priceless

Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™ is for serious business owners who:

• Are currently either in start-up and are struggling to get clients coming in the door.

• Are working long hard hours and yet not getting paid what they are worth or deserve.

• Take charge of their business and are not at the mercy of their employees or the economy

• Are making good money, however their business has evolved over the years by adding a piece here and there and their business doesn’t fully function yet. Instead they have a ‘band aid’ operation hidden underneath the surface.

• Know their business can grow and prosper with the right help, and who are willing to work to make that happen.

• Are already taking action, and want to double or triple their income as well as double their time off.

• Are open to new ideas and are interested in discussing ways to continuously improve their companies.

Toronto Entrepreneurs Group™ is NOT for those who:

• Think they “know-it-all”

• Are okay with just making a measly living and withdraw a few hundred dollars a week from their business.

• Aren't good at what they do and don’t deliver quality services.

• Are NOT willing to be fully accountable for where they are and the results they’re getting.

• Do not live with integrity and courage.

• Are negative, cynical about everything and don’t participate or contribute.

• Aren’t willing to add value to people’s lives.

• Aren’t serious and committed about taking things to the next level.

Important: In order to create an environment that fosters professionalism & growth, please dress in business casual attire. No blue jeans, tennis shoes or flip flops please.

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