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** NEW YEAR Social Mixer ** (FREE) Friday Night @ Downtown

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6. [Jan. 17, 7pm (Friday night)] ** 2014 New Year Social Mixer ** (FREE !) Friday Night @ Downtown Toronto

venue: Media Bar and Lounge (

77 Peter Street, Toronto, ON (map (

"DxNS mixer"--Downtown x-Night Social Mixer--is a series of free major socializing events in downtown Toronto. We aim at attracting hip, young, and sociable professionals, networkers, and fun lovers, and are establishing a community where members enjoy meeting once a while at a nice and cool venue on Friday nights or afterwork during the week.

Last time we have 300 RSVPs from the following meetup networks"EPI-Net", "Dream-BIG", and "iFriends". Together with other participating groups including art & culture groups we have 400+ RSVPs from the meetup community.

Please sign up at Toronto Sports, Leisure & Social (

or Toronto Professionals (

or Toronto Friends (2,300 Torontonian­s & international friends) (

[Sharing of some coming events @ sister groups in the beginning of New Year 2014 !]

You may post comments on the event wall to find other members to go together or meet at the venue.


1. [Dec. 31, 9pm (NYE !)] ** 2014 NEW YEAR EVE ** NYE Party!

Please sign up directly at Toronto Friends (2,250 friends) (

or Toronto Entrepreneurs: Investors & Mentors Network (500+ members) (

"The Toronto Friends Network" offers a mixture of free meetups and a rich set of events with minimal charges. Lots of upbeat and fun sociable people in this community.

* Note that this particular NYE event is not free. I don't charge my meetups or take commissions, but organizers/hosts for some events do (to cover their costs or professional service). I only approve posting of events with minimal/reasonable charges at my groups though.

2. [Jan. 4 (Saturday), 3pm] Multi-Language Social Mixer (FREE !) Saturday Afternoon + Optional Dinner (200+ RSVPs)

Venue: Sheppard Centre (accessible by subway)

Over 50% of people living in the Greater Toronto area were born outside of Canada. (Not sure whether this statistics is correct but I saw this claim for quite a few times.) Speaking a little bit of a foreign language could be a fun way to break the ice or leave a friendly impression to people from other cultural backgrounds, and make these newcomers or international friends feel warmth and welcomed in this nice big city. And it will surely come in handy when you travel overseas.

You are cordially invited to join our free meetup next Saturday (Jan 4, 2014) "[Multi-Language] Practice a Language for FREE + Meet People from Around the World". Usually we have around a hundred attendees from around the world in such gatherings. See for a past event.

You may as well enjoy knowing different cultures as well as learning the life experience or perspectives of people from all over the world. Also, some newcomers need to improve their English speaking and by conversing with them or sharing your knowledge/advice for living in Toronto, you could be giving them invaluable help and will be appreciated.

Please sign up at Toronto Language Exchange (750+ language/social lovers) (

or International Friends (1,350 friends) (

Feel free to contact the event hosts if you need more info.

3. [Jan. 8, 6:30pm] Leveraging Private Money: Options for Entrepreneurs in Canada

Content includes:
- Factoring, PO, Inventory Funding and ABL
- Merchant Cash Advances to Retailers
- Government guaranteed SBL
- Personal Secured AND Unsecured Loans
- Leases from 5% - Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles
- Floor Plan Funding
- Property Based Loans
- Venture Capital

Please RSVP at Business in Toronto (

or Ontario Professionals & Entrepreneurs Network (OPEN) ( (

4. [Jan. 13-17, 6-8:30pm] Great Start for 2014! (Free workshop) Great Work MBA--Go beyond Knowledge to Actionable Wisdom

Hearing fantastic content is a great start, and with our 25 fantastic speakers you’ll certainly get that. But converting it into “next-day ready” actions is another matter. That’s why at the end of each day, we’ve gathered senior leaders from such organizations as Twitter, PwC, GE and Apple to help you review and extract the real value from each talk. These leaders will be sharing best practices from their own organizations, as well as talking about habits and tactics they’ve developed to increase their own impact. (reposted from the web of the GWM program)

Please sign up at Ontario Professionals & Entrepreneurs Network (OPEN) (

or Ontario Graduate & College Students Meet Up (

5. [Jan. 17, 2pm] Free NFB Films - Chi (documentary)

Venue: Brentwood Library (

Canadian actress Babz Chula convinces director Anne Wheeler to join her on a journey to Kerala, India, where 63-year-old Babz will seek cancer treatment from a renowned Ayurvedic healer.

Drop-In Movies. First Come, First Seated.

For more details please check out The Toronto Wellness Meetup Group ( (the largest health/wellness Meetup group in Canada that offers free events about Health + Beauty + Happiness + Wellness)