What's new in film, that's getting you excited?

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A chance to sit down and chat with other film professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

What new developments in the film world, and in storytelling, have peaked your interest? Is there a new camera you wish to rent? A genre or theme you wish to explore? A different distribution platform, or funding model that might be a perfect fit for your film?

In early February, I attended a trade show held at "William F. Whites" called "February Freeze". It was a showcase for new camera, lighting, and grip gear. Some of the camera and crane/dollies coming out, blew my mind. I'm a lighting technician by trade, and some of the new lights look amazing.

Kino-Flo created new 4 foot LED tubes, which are roughly the same size as their classic fluorescent tubes. These new tubes can fit in old Kino fixtures, but can switch between daylight and tungsten settings. They can also be programmed for colour correction, effects, and a range of colours that simulate existing gels. A lot of options for light tubes. That's just one thing that caught my attention at "February Freeze".

There are cool new innovations popping up everyday. Now's an exciting time for filmmakers.