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Financial Literacy and more has been created to help people of all ages and status comprehend the basics of smart financial management and wealth creation in Canada. We are combining knowledge and material facts from my experience as a CPA and Realtor in Canada and my co-host Deren Hasip and his team as Mortgage Brokers and Lenders.

The meetings are supposed to bring a main subject to be explained and will be open to discussion, interaction and networking at the end.

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LOVE IT OR LIST IT - Renovations & Home Reorganization VS Moving -

You don't have to own a property to feel at home. The way we take care of our spaces has a great impact in our lives. If we own our space we have to decide if the changes we would make to it would have the expected payback or we would be better off moving to another place that fits the way we want to live. Understanding what we expect from our spaces, what is the cost involved to renovate and the payback of the work help us make wise decisions. Analyzing and budgeting properly will help us achieve what we want. There are financing options for renovations and short term loans for our unexpected changes that will also be explained.

Investing in Real Estate - Financing, Returns and Taxes

If you have always dreamed about it or want to know more about how to start creating your own "Real Estate Investments Portfolio" this is the meeting for you. We are going to discuss the ways people can get to buy their first investment property and how they can get to grow their portfolio. Financing options, long term to short term rentals and the tax implications of Rental Income and Capital Gains. Picking the right properties, proper budgeting, administration and financial management are key for success!

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First Time Home Buyers and How to Create Wealth in Canada

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