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Despite making up about one-third of the general population, Introversion may be among the most frequently misunderstood personal traits.

Many people incorrectly associate the terms intro- and extrovert with being shy, repressed, or alternately outgoing and gregarious. Actually, Introverts are not shy nor anti-social by definition (though they can be). Rather, the distinction between intro and extroversion fundamentally relates to where one gets one's *energy.*

Whereas Extroverts (the majority of the population), gain energy through group interaction and outer stimulation, Introverts tend to recharge their batteries through solitude.

Introverts also tend to be noticeably a bit more quiet and laid-back, tend not to speak as loudly as some extroverts, and prefer small group or one-on-one interactions to being part of a large group or crowd. Introverts tend to dislike huge chaotic situations, though these preferences can vary from person to person.

Many introverts have grown up feeling guilty or unusual for preferring small group interactions, or becoming easily exhausted when having to deal with a large group or spend time in a chaotic atmosphere. Perhaps when growing up they were told they were "shy" or need to "jump right in."

Learning about our own personality traits, our own particular features and strengths, can allow us as introverts to better appreciate ourselves and the benefits associated with this trait.

Introversion and extroversion are genetically based. It has been found that intro and extroverts have subtly different arrangements in the "wiring" of their nervous systems, which helps explain the differences in external traits. Introverts have been found in some studies also to be more intelligent and more creative on average, though of course this varies from person to person as well.


Why this group?

I have organized similar groups to this before in other cities, though not precisely the same as this one. There are several hiking groups in Toronto, but I have not yet found one that caters to more "quiet/chill/laid-back" people and "Introverts" specifically.

Most hiking groups tend to be dominated by extroverted, louder personalities (and/or Introverts pretending to be noisy extroverts in order to fit in!), and I had hoped to create a space where quieter people/Introverts can go hiking together and feel comfortable with a more laid-back social sphere.

As I have been out of the city for several years, I am not as familiar with the best hiking and walking trails in the city, but I am working on this. Feel free to make suggestions to me via postings or through a personal message. We will likely keep the groups from getting too big, but hope to arrange fairly straight-forward hikes and walks that can be done within a few hours each, in various locations around the city.

Look forward to seeing you !

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