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This group (TIFN) (https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Ismaili-Friends-Network-TIFN/about/) is mostly for Ismaili Singles, who are interested in participating in fun Social events, including Dinning out, Music, Dancing, Concerts, Shows, Bollywood Music parties, Day trips, weekend Cottaging, and other outdoor activities such as snow shoeing, tubing, hiking, etc ..., indoor activities such as bowling, karaoke, billiards, ... and in developing a social network.

• It would suit 35+, but more likely 40+ age group, single, or recently single, .. although some events would be open to attached or married members, where both partners can attend. This is not a dating site, nor is that the intention, ... yes connections may happen, but by any means that is not the primary objective.

• Ismailis come from a world wide Diaspora, specifically from East Africa, South & Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Europe and US, and of course Canada.

Connections w/other groups, and about the Organizer, (click link for details):

I am a well-educated, accomplished professional, with experience in many areas (Finance, Accounting, IT, Teaching, Entrepreneurship, etc), yet outgoing with different interests, and passionate about a lot of things, with a natural desire to help others, share my learnings, teach, and to help others do something better.

• Connections with other groups: See details on a separate page for associations with other groups, and more info about the organizer & sponsor of this group. We will also connect with other Meetup groups, and utilize their functions & events to take full advantage of this global community

Objectives and Benefits(click link for details): (https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Ismaili-Friends-Network-TIFN/pages/Objectives_and_Benefits/)

My objective here is to improve communication & interaction within our community members, and also participate with other external communities. We are all outgoing, with many individual interests, but we can do better by involving ourselves in outreach projects and showcase our values & qualities, e.g. by volunteering at Food Banks, helping with the Syrian crises, getting involved in general public Charity events, etc,..

Requirements(click link for details): (https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Ismaili-Friends-Network-TIFN/pages/Meetup_Requirements%3A)

All I ask is that you sign up with at least your real First Name (and Last Initial if FN is common), provide a brief bio, participate, make suggestions, be constructive, and be respectful & courteous of all members.

It is important to be supportive, I understand some of us maybe shy, or reticent to share any information, or pics,.. but we all may have seen each other at JK's, or cultural events.

Wishing you all the Best of Luck


p.s. I am trying to set up my social media sites and blogs, on a variety of educational, social, financial, business, economic and political issues. Any help or expertise anyone can provide would be appreciated.

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