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This is an educational group for anyone serious about Learning the Hindi Language and/or Indian culture, Indian market, Indian food, Indian Bollywood movies. The meetup is for prospective Hindi students only, interested in learning the language sincerely and not for Hindi teachers. All classes meetups are paid. All levels of Hindi language learners are welcome. This meetup is hosted/organized by a teacher/tutor who teaches and facilitates the classes.

I started this group to meet/find people interested in learning to speak Hindi or learn about the Indian market or culture. I am a Hindi Lecturer/tutor, a Hindi Native speaker with USA and Canadian education and several years of tutoring and teaching experience. This group will help facilitate interactions, communication and practice for people who want to learn and improve their Hindi language skills- so you will be able to practice with other Hindi students at your similar level and get feedback from an expert too! We'll meet once a week at a convenient location to learn Hindi from a Hindi Tutor and speak Hindi.

This group will not be helpful or benefit people who grew up in India or Indian people who speak Hindi on a daily basis-this is purely an educational group so another meetup group or desi party or Indian social meetup will serve you better.

Hindi Language Level: This group is only for beginner or intermediate Hindi students with at least some exposure to Hindi language classes in North America and a very professional demeanor. Eventually we may have different meetup classes for beginner & intermediate level students.

Prerequisites to attend the class: Bachelors or Masters degree already earned or currently enrolled from North America only (in any field of study). No Diploma or certificate will work, no matter how long your program was. Serious Hindi enthusiasts who dont meet this criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Email the organizer to request.

People who can commit to at least few classes are preferred rather than once in a while visitors. If you are looking to just hanging out or socializing and learning is just an excuse---then this is not the group for you and another social meetup or Indian meetup or the sort would work better. The meetups will happen in a class kinda format with a mixture of lecture, practicing Hindi & group activities.

All members will be screened if they fit this group in respect to their objective and professional conduct. If the organizer feels that you are not following the code of conduct or do not fit the group then you will not be accepted or removed.


-Be professional in your behavior. No offensive, rude, inappropriate, disrespectful, abusive, or violent behavior will be allowed. You will be removed immediately. Learning begins with respect and appreciation.
-If you are offensive or unprofessional to the organizer or other members or in a meetup to anyone- you will be removed from the meetup immediately.
-The Organizer reserves the right to remove anyone at their own discreation at any time for any reason.
-All the info about the meetup is on the meetup invite & location is sent the day before the meetup date. The organizer will only repond if its required & when the time permits. The organizer is busy and not every one of your messeges needs a respond and the organizer has personal & professional responsibilites and cant be on the computer all day. Dont expect the organizer to respond to your every messege at your beg & call. Be normal, not demanding, human & professional in all your dealings.
-Meetup Sign In sheet needs to be filled out and class payment needs to payed to the organizer upon arrival to the meetup. You will not be allowed to be part of the meetup class, if this process is not followed.
-No Native Hindi speaking people or people who have lived in India for more than 5 years or grew up in India will be allowed.
-If you dont have a bachelors or masters from North America, you wont be allowed in this group as you are ineligible (you dont meet the basic requirements fo the group). Another group might serve you better.
-This process needs to be followed- If you get the class invite or see a meetup that interests u in the meetup page, you can RSVP if you think you can come to class. In case you cant come after doing RSVP, just let the organizer know that- at the earliest. The organizer needs to plan the event so please let the organizer know if you cant come. If you RSVP 3 times and dont show up, you will be removed. The location of the meetup is sent the day before the event. Please reply back to the organizer if you are coming or not.
-Be professional in all your communication with the organizer & other members. If you behave unprofessionally, you will be removed.
-This is a paid educational group. If you cant pay for the classes then unfortunately you wont be allowed. The classes are given at a very affordable low price. If you cant support this group with a small fee then we wont be able to accomodate you.
-The organizer spends lot of time planning and delivering this class at a very low cost. The 1-on-1 language class rate is much higher then what you pay for this meetup. The orgaizers does these meetups to give everyone an opportunity to learn at a very affordable price. If you cant appreciate the opportunity, time & effort of the organizer then you wont be allowed in this meetup.
-The members/students can only communicate with the organizer through the meetup personal meeseges. Dont expect or ask for organizers phone number or email.

Let the Hindi Journey begin!

Looking forward to meeting you all!:-)

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