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Find Your Tribe: Matching Talent with Opportunity

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Amy ter H.


This event is all about you, our members! Find Your Tribe is a chance for you to show off what you've been working on, make a pitch for a problem that needs solving, meet mentors, and connect with other members who are passionate about things like Access to Justice, AI/Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, Civics, etc.

The event will kick off with a set of 2-minute lighting pitches from our members. After, there will be a mix-and-mingle session where you can chat with mentors, find people with the same interests as you, and make plans to build something awesome. We're setting up slack channels for the conversation to continue after the event is over.

Open call for presentations

The first part of the event is a set of two-minute, two-slide lighting presentations. We're looking for presenters who can speak on one of two topics:

A solution you're currently working on using legal tech. It could be something your startup does or something you've hacked together on your own.
A problem that you think needs to be solved in legal tech. What's your pain point, and why?

These are short presentations: 2 slides and 2 minutes, max!
For the people with solutions, be ready to explain: (1) the problem, (2) your solution, (3) why it matters, and (4) how the audience can get involved.

For the people posing problems, be ready to explain: (1) the problem, (2) what's painful about it, (3) why it matters, and (4) how the audience could help build.

Please: Don't fundraise.
Centre for Social Innovation - Atrium at 192 Spadina Avenue
192 Spadina Avenue, Ground Floor · Toronto, ON
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