CL+B (Computational Law & Blockchain Festival) T.O. Node 2019

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Join us on the last weekend of March to explore computational law, with a focus on the role of blockchain technologies. We will be joined by local experts, enthusiasts, and YOU!

Legal professionals with an interest in technology, as well as technologists / hackers / product / UX people with an interest in making better law are invited to join us for a weekend of hands-on legal innovation.

While legal professionals and technologists are likely to be most interested, the Festival welcomes enthusiasts of all ages, genders, backgrounds, skill levels, and disciplines. The event is free to attend.

We have limited space in a fully functional (ahem) pub with good food, so please RSVP to avoid disappointment. Free coffee will be provided.

Below are the three tracks in order of program:

New to computational law or blockchain technology? Need a blockchain 101? Want to learn how to write a smart contract? Learn the basics from local experts.

We’ll review the basics of some of these technologies to help frame your reference going into the hack track.

Are you a coder or designer? Do you have a good idea and aren't sure where or how to start? Take part in our hackathon to build open-source computational law and blockchain-for-law uses cases, including smart legal contracts, “legislation as code,” or improved government service delivery.

While the focus will be on the technologies learned about in the “learn track” you are free and welcome to work on anything during this time. Feel free to bring team members and invite others to participate.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer or super tech savvy to participate.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about blockchain and computational law, and had the opportunity to apply your knowledge (even just a little bit), we’re going to discuss it all! This will be your opportunity to raise your concerns about these technologies and further explore the implications.

Presentations: we’ll kick off this session with hackathon participants sharing their ideas and the things they worked on during the hack track.

Blockchain Hub (Naba Siddiqui and Othalia Doe-Bruce): Introductory Blockchain Workshop

German Guberman: Computational Law | How the Law Suits Computation

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12:00pm start - Intros, Shout Outs, Get Acquainted
12:15pm Begin Learn Track
2:00pm Coffee Break
2:15pm Hackathon team leaders pitch themselves and their ideas
2:30pm Team formation and concept consensus
3:00pm Begin hacking
4:00pm More hacking
5:00pm Day one officially concludes
5:01pm Eurobeats

*While we will not be providing evening/overnight facilities, you and your team are more than welcome to continue hacking through to the next day.

**It's very possible that we will stay for dinner / drinks informally


11am Hacking continues
12:30pm Lunch Break (if you want, but can keep working through if you wish)
1pm - 3pm Hacking
3pm 15 minute break
3:15pm Team Presentations (only if you want to), 5-10 minutes each depending on number of teams
4:00pm-6:00pm Discussion Track