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* What this Meetup Group is about:

Learning better together the background of various Machine Learning topics, their applications, the problems faced in diversified industry use-cases and the work-arounds.

* Who should join: Describe your ideal members

already, or a learning guru wanna-be :) aka. Machine Learning practitioners or anyone that is interested in knowing more about this field

* Why they should join: To learn, share, or have fun

Together we create a more powerful local machine learning community

* What members can expect: Describe typical activities

Usually, one topic is designated at a time, it may follow a book such as the classical book written by the 2 famous Stanford professors Hastie & Tibshirani. Anyone can be up for presenting in the session as long as he/she is prepared and ready, maximum 2 speakers each session, at the end, Q&A as well as panel discussions and everybody votes for the best presenter and chips in 2 bucks to be an assembled prize for the winner.

* Follow-ups

Audiences surveyed for :

1. Interested Topics in Machine Learning

2. Topics You Want to Speak On

3. Which Month Would you Like to Speak On

We will pick the majority vote on the interested topics for the following meet-up and pick the people from the 2nd question that can speak on it.

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