The 12 Keys to Unlock the Power of Meaning for Healing and Flourishing.


A purpose-driven, meaning-focused life means positive mental health!

All the best minds throughout history, and all contemporary research have revealed one truth -- meaningful living is the only lifestyle that enables us to live a happy and healthy life.
Sadly, this life-saving truth remains unknown to the general public because of all the philosophical and scientific controversies about meaning in life.

Having spent more than 30 years doing research on the subject, I can now condense the best ideas on meaningfulness into everyday practices that most people can understanding and employ to improve their own mental health.

A meaningful life can be best characterized by the acronym: PURE -- Purpose, Understanding, Responsibility, and Enjoyment (Wong, 2012 )
1. A purpose-driven life is primarily motivated by a sense of duty or moral obligation to become one's best self in order to serve the greater good.
2. A meaning-focused life knows the importance of understanding the true meaning of everything and one's true nature as a human being and a unique individual.
3. A responsible person chooses the right path that is in harmony with one's true self and life's demand on one's life, resulting in a balanced life.
4. A person can truly enjoy life only when one has the courage and determination to carry out the above three steps.

The most compelling argument for meaningful living is that it is nature's way to live a healthy and happy life, Here are the reasons:
1. It makes optimal use of one's innate capacity for meaning seeking and meaning making.
2. It emphasizes the important motivation that makes us truly human -- the self-transcendent purpose of caring for others.
3. It values balance rather than maximal gains for oneself. This perspective not only allows us to achieve the golden mean in every situation.
4. It considers relational harmony as the key to inner harmony and happiness.

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