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This group is for Toronto Millenials who want to have a fun time in Toronto and get to know nee people. If you are new to Toronto,this is the group to get to know new people and have fun together. This is where you will meet your new tribe and form lifelong Friendships. And even if you have lived in Toronto for long but would still love to meet new Friends,swing by for the best of times.

The organizer of the group,Amar has lived in Malaysia,India and England before moving to Toronto.He has lived in Toronto for 2 years and enjoys meeting new people. Amar decided to create this group because he wanted every Millennial to have a chance at making new friends. Amar has been to many meetups during his 2 years in the city and still enjoys attending new meetups. Amar’s experience with Toronto meetups has been quite diverse. However,most of the time he found himself and other new members of a group isolated from the regulars or people who are friends with the host. Hence,he decided to create this group so everyone could get to know new people in a friendly and chill environment.

This group is LGBTQ friendly and hopes to treat the entire human race as One,as this is what Amar believes in.

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Roundabout Canada

KARAOKE FRIDAY -September 10th

Needs a location


Bar Plus Karaoke

Friday Night Social

Firkin On Bay Street

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