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X-Mas Edition! Sandwich Run for the Homeless/Underhouse­­d
A wise person once said... "you receive that which what you give."... actually I just made that up... but it sounds like something a wise person might say. With that in mind, lets give something back and break out the PB and J and make some sandwiches for those less fortunate. The idea is that while giving a sandwich doesn't really make that big a difference to people who are homeless or under-housed, what does make a difference is having some people to acknowledge and have a friendly conversation with. We'll 'Meet-up' at Loblaws at the Church and Cartlon Entrance with sandwiches in hand and take a stroll through the inner city ending up at Nathan Philips Square. Along the way lets listen to the stories of people who don't usually get to tell their stories. On the menu is - Peanut butter and Jam - Or - Baloney and cheese - A Piece of fruit - or - granola bar - A juice box - or - bottle of water - Also Socks can be a big help to people too Please pre-prepare 10 paper bags of this and bring it to the meeting location, I'll give you guys a briefing and some things to remember while we go on our sandwich run Afterwards we'll debrief over coffee or drinks depending how people feel! See you there

Maple Leaf Garden Loblaws

60 Carlton St · Toronto, ON

Respond by: 12/19/2018

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We are young professionals from all walks of life regardless of ethnicity, background, colour, religion. We want to meet other professionals to mingle, make new friends, while having fun at the sametime. We aim to make the events affordable and enjoyable. Most importantly, the experiences and the friendship could last for a lifetime. Our activities are vary which range from outdoor (bbq picnic, walking, boating, hiking, exploring...) indoor (bowling, billiard, ping pong, badminton...) to entertainment (karaoke, movie and sport events...) and challenging adventure. We also provide our members with workshop and seminar in many topics. We welcome member' input and suggestion. Life is too short to miss out the fun. let's live our lives to the fullest.

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