What we're about

This is a community for musicians and music enthusiasts who want to be at the leading edge of the 'Pay-Per-Play' paradigm shift in the music industry that has begun to emerge with the advent of blockchain technology.

No more industry intermediaries.

No more trying to sell albums and/or constantly giving away your labour.

Blockchain technology enables 'micropayments' so there is nothing to sell/buy - just a small payment in Musicoin Cryptocurrency (that can be converted to Bitcoin) each time someone listens to a song.

This meet-up is intended to expand the rapidly-growing Musicoin community, and enable artists to take control of their work and their careers - without having to deal with the traditional music industry barriers.

For more information visit Musicoin.org (https://alpha.musicoin.org/info) and Medium.com (https://medium.com/@musicoin/musicoin-free-creations-while-rewarding-creators-2832f7d2bd33#.pdnc3e5p9).

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Boat Cruise with Musicoin

Toronto Harbourfront

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