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What we’re about

This meetup is open to all Azure lovers since 2016. We focus on Microsoft technology stacks and services e.g. .NET & Azure.
The Toronto Azure Community is dedicated to the advanced .NET and Azure developers/Architects. We endeavour to bring you well known “celebrities” from the Microsoft development community to come and talk about their areas of speciality. 

This group was also started to increase networking amongst developers and to encourage support amongst its members.
As organizations look to add new emerging technologies e.g. .NET CORE, Azure and Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, AI to their suite of IT solutions, new technologies opportunities, new development methodologies, and challenges arise.
Started in Toronto, our goal is to share real world experiences and provide educational opportunities as they relate to the Microsoft Stack and Azure cloud offerings.

Our membership includes IT developers, practitioners, managers, students, and anyone who is interesting in learning more about implementing or leveraging new Microsoft technologies and e services.

Code of Conduct:
At Toronto Azure Community, we aim to provide an open, judgement, discrimination and harassment free community for everyone. Harassment, bullying, calling out any member in any form is not tolerated.

As we are a tech meetup, there would be opinionated views of technology, we encourage healthy arguments/ discussion but any personal comments / derogatory / offensive comments would be dealt with sternly.

Harassment and bullying includes but not limited to verbal or online comments / messages / posts / inappropriate physical contact / unwelcome sexual attention / asking for dates. Also not tolerated are any form of RACIST / RELIGIOUS / COUNTRY / CREED discriminatory comments. If someone is uncomfortable with you or your comments we suggest to step away from the situation and immediately cease harassing or bullying and comply with organizers / sponsors.

If you are being disturbed / troubled / harassed / see someone being harassed / bullied please bring to the notice of any organizers immediately.

Depending on the offending behavior / offender the organizers would take action as appropriate including warning, being banned from the group,

Promoting / advertising / marketing of any form without prior consent of organizers / sponsors / venue stakeholders is not permitted. Kindly comply with the venue / hosting company's policies. We do not have any control over their policies or how they implement it.

Please bear in mind this is run by volunteers who take time off their schedule so as to share and learn technical knowledge and have a healthy technical conversation.

While we aim to do our best please do let us know any feedback and we would make amends within reasonable limits and within our reach.

For any clarification or complaints please reach out to organizers.

Treat people how you like to be treated!

These are the values to which every member should aspire.

· Be friendly and welcoming

· Listen with purpose, create space for others’ communication preferences; honor them by flexing yours

· Be patient

· Remember that people have varying communication styles and that not everyone is using their native language (meaning and tone can be lost in translation)

· Be thoughtful

· Productive communication requires effort; think about how your words will be interpreted

· Remember that sometimes it is best to refrain entirely from commenting

· Be respectful

· In particular, respect differences of opinion

· Be charitable

· Interpret the arguments of others in good faith, do not seek to disagree

· Avoid destructive behavior, including:

§ Derailing: stay on topic; if you want to talk about something else, start a new conversation

§ Unconstructive criticism: don't merely decry the current state of affairs; offer - or at least solicit - suggestions as to how things may be improved

§ Snarking (pithy, unproductive, sniping comments)

§ Discussing potentially offensive or sensitive issues; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict

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