ASP.NET Core on Serverless Infrastructure


ASP.NET Core on Serverless Infrastructure Abstract:
In this session, Travis will explore what exactly Serverless infrastructure is, and more importantly how you can build ASP.NET Core applications to take advantage of its low cost and infinite scalability. The following topics will be covered:
- What is Serverless Computing?
- Evolution of Compute
- Advantages and Pitfalls of Serverless Infrastructure
- AWS Lambda & Azure Functions
- .NET Core on AWS Lambda
- ASP.NET Core MVC on AWS Lambda / API Gateway
- CI/CD with Visual Studio Team Services into AWS
- Serverless Costing, Usage, and Logging Bio:
Travis is an architect and lifelong developer with a passion for building, leading, and training in software engineering. Much of Travis' career in software over the past decade has focused on the .NET and web stack of technologies, and more recently cloud infrastructure. He currently works as a Principal Software Engineer for SPS Commerce, where he focuses on technically architecting and leading the development team in building highly customizable reporting frameworks for large scale commercial retailers built on cloud technologies. Travis consistently reviews new technologies and trains the organization on how to strategically adopt them. He is a Pluralsight author, a periodic tech blogger at and on twitter at @travisjgosselin.