2 topics: .NET CORE CI/CD pipeline Kubernetes/Azure IoT Central & accelerators


Topic 1:Building CI/CD pipeline for Kubernetes

Description: In this session, we will demonstrate how easy it is to set up a fully-containerized application stack in Kubernetes with a simple CI/CD pipeline to manage the deployments for a .NET CORE Application. We will add container support to our application. We'll setup a brand new Kubernetes cluster. We will set up continuous integration/continuous delivery for our application using VSTS awesomeness where we will automagically build custom container image, push it to the container repo, and deploy it into Kubernetes cluster. We'll setup health monitoring to make sure our app is healthy and functional. And, we'll do all of that as a part of our release pipeline.
There will be lots of demos. We'll build CI/CD pipeline together, we'll build it from scratch and we'll do it properly. It's going to be fun. See you there...

About speaker: Max Yermakhanov

A passionate and innovative DevOps advocate who thrives on challenge and believes in success through collaboration. A veteran IT professional with 18+ years of progressive experience in private and public organizations. A Senior DevOps consultant helping clients to implement best practices around continuous deployment and scalable infrastructure. A decent developer with Master’s degree in Computer Science who just enjoys IT work too much. A dilettante librarian with Master’s in Library and Information Science. A tenacious problem-solver with strong organizational, communication and management skills who brings energy, enthusiasm, and leadership to problem resolution.A life-long learner with an uncompromising approach to client satisfaction.

Topic 2:Azure IoT central & solution accelerators

Description: In this presentation we will explore different services azure has to offer when it comes to IoT solutions. Also we will see how easy it is to leverage Azure IoT Central and solution accelerators for an IoT solution.

Ehsan Eskandari