Deploying your App to Azure using docker/Building offline capable Xamarin apps

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Topic 1: Deploying .NET and Node Applications to Azure using Docker and Azure Container Registery

Microsoft Azure has enabled a lot of developers and companies to bring their applications regardless of the languages and tools they are using to run on the cloud. In this presentation, we are going to create Docker images for a .NET Core application and for a Node.js application. The images will be uploaded to Azure Container Registry (ACS). This will all happen with CI/CD pipelines using Azure Dev-Ops. Finally, the images will be deployed to various environments to Azure Web Apps for Containers.
About Speaker :
Armin Karimi has been writing software applications for about a decade in marketing, entertainment, health care, and financial domains. He is currently the Lead Architect at Shoelace, where they specialize in Customer Journey Retargeting for high-growth ecommerce brands. He is a published scholar, really enjoys working on latest technologies for hobby, and prefers to use Microsoft technology stack in his work.

Topic2: Building offline capable apps: Data initialization.
In mobile applications, data is a critical matter: It always has to be available and ready for your users. We will discuss different data challenges and data types that we see when building offline capable mobile applications. Moreover, we will demo a case study, which will show how to always have all of your user's data as soon as they login into your mobile app!

About Speaker:
Daniel John Causer Daniel is a software developer at BSI Labs. With over 8 years of experience, he has focused his career in the past 3 years to mobile development. He is also a public speaker, open source software maintainer and Planet Xamarin Community Author/Blogger.

Daniel's Blog: Planet Xamarin: