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This Meetup is Designed by E-commerce Entrepreneurs to help you reach new levels.

We are calling upon on aspiring business owners, current business owners or anyone that requires attention and presence in any way. Doesn't matter if your a restaurant, in real estate, own a night club or have a landscaping business. We live online and are fully immersed in the digital space. Not knowing how to capitalize and understand how to use the internet for marketing purposes is a huge disservice to your business and yourself. Come learn, share and take action!

We bring high-quality speakers come and drop serious knowledge and give you a chance to pick their brains.

From 7-8 figure e-commerce entrepreneurs and executives. Or people who have had major success leveraging the internet. Check out our past speakers!

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Power Speaker: Zero to 7 Figure Internet Business in 12 Months.

Building a business from Zero to 7-figures in 12 months is no easy task. BestSELF.Co a company which has now grown to over 8 figures. Their products are available throughout Barnes & Nobles has gained massive success in the online space and the world. Our Speaker for this event. Jessica Chan is the Chief Marketing Officer of this incredible company BestSelf.Co (https://bestself.co/) Whether you are new to digital marketing, business owner seeking information or seasoned vet looking for interesting conversation. This meetup will cater to all. If you are looking to learn a TON and connect with others that are like-minded online marketers and digital entrepreneurs you definitely don't want to miss out on this! EVENT: $10/Ticket (includes 1 drink) Starts 7:00 PM Ends 9:00 PM RSVP ASAP LIMITED SEATING

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