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Many of us know about our heart and the importance of our heart, let us give you a language and method as tools for accessing the peace, love and calm from your heart, we’ll enjoy the effortless heart strengthening which is like a short guided meditation, and the open heart meditation, we’ll talk about the spiritual heart and what it means that we have one and what it could mean to live our daily lives applying heart centric principles in the moment and using our open heart to overcome and dissolve negativities, blockages and trauma that keep us from the lives we were meant to live. Come ask questions and have fun. And cookies.

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Open Heart Family

Family is where I'd like to head with this group. A platform where people from all walks of life, from all belief systems, can come together just as they are to build community, learn about the spiritual heart and discuss life's biggest questions.

Join us in August at the park to meet and greet and find your best fit in one of the diverse meetups we are launching into the fall.

The purpose of this group is firstly to help you recognize that you, and I, and all of us have a spiritual heart. Secondly, it is to discuss what it means that we have a spiritual heart and why it's so amazing/great/beautiful/IMPORTANT. Thirdly, it is to directly, gently and effortlessly experience your spiritual heart such that it feels like coming home and leaves you with the desire to build relationship with that part of your being, in effect heart strengthening.

The heart is the key to your true happiness and well-being because our true selves, the spark, resides within our heart. Within our heart is access to the permanent experience of feeling safe, belonging and unconditionally loved.

This is not a mindfulness group. This is a community-building heartfulness group.

Come and experience everything offered in one of our meetups.

Who Am I?

I am not a professional community builder. I am new at all this. But I have been learning about my spiritual heart since I was 14. I am actually an opera singer. And a mom of four. I have created this meetup in response to the profound desire from others to open their hearts and experience who they are meant to be and what they are meant to be doing, without any effort, without trauma and blockages, without labels.

There is a world-wide community of open hearters of over 100,000 people, and it is quickly growing. The world needs more people to open their hearts and live their daily lives guided by the wisdom of their heart. Those of us who started a while ago have attended many a workshop and retreat, but we all started just like you, discovering our hearts and never looking back.


"We are meant to be happy. That has always been something we strive for in this life. In fact, if we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and actions, conscious and unconscious, they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness.
For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer. Perhaps because it has been too close to see… The answer, the key, is our heart."

~ Irmansyah Effendi

Our spiritual heart is the centre of gentle, positive feelings including peace, calm, joy, love, lightness and gratitude. Opening our hearts is effortless and enjoyable (actually, downright beautiful).

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