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The road to becoming a performing artist is a really lonely one. The hours of practice, the discipline... Being alone with one's art is simply not the most ideal of situations.

But after everything, when one has already become good and ready, all those hours and hours of hard work will just be a thing of the past! The audience will be a companion that will acknowledge all the blood, sweat, and tears put into what they will call "talent."

However, "talent" is nothing without hard work. Most people don't realize that!

This meetup has been created in order to reduce the loneliness every training performing artist undergoes. We will keep each other company during that journey toward the bright future awaiting us. We will share our experiences and through this will gain insight into what others are experiencing too. The lessons we learn from this will hopefully make our goal less daunting.

Maybe this can be summed up by what I may propose to be our motto, "Dream Not Alone."

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