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LWP Hack Night

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Olaf A.


LWP::UserAgent ( and the other modules in this family ( some of the oldest and most heavily used Perl modules. While they're still under heavy use, they desperately need some love as far as maintenance goes. Collectively they have hundreds of open issues, dozens of open pull requests and more than a few real bugs that need to be fixed.

The purpose of this night will be to spend a couple of hours improving the state of these modules. That ranges from fixing bugs, reviewing outstanding pull requests, rebasing existing pull requests or identifying issues which can be closed.

Please bring a laptop if you intend to sling some code. If you don't have a laptop, pair programming with another Perl hacker is a really great opportunity to learn about the code and learn how other people work.

This night will help you better understand what these modules do, how they work and hopefully contribute towards making CPAN a better place for everyone.

If you'd like to start on this in advance, feel free to do so. You can get help and/or advice from #lwp on

There are some getting started notes ( which you may find helpful to prepare for the evening if you're so inclined.

111 Peter Street, 3rd Floor · Toronto, ON