What we're about

Calling all queer T.O. and G.T.A. gals of all sorts, non-binary pals, trans folk of all stripes, and any other geeky folk who don't quite jive with the gender binary!

It can sometime be hard to meet folk and form communities within the often hyper masculine, usually (cis) male dominated, environments typical of geek spaces. All the more so when you're looking to meet fellow LGTBQ+ folk to expand your friend network. The intention of this group is to create a space for geeky folk who don't quite slot in to exsisting cis dude geek spaces, make connections, and cultivate friendships within the geek community!

---Important to note:

TERF ideology and other transphobic ideals will not be tolerated in this group, or this space. Trans folk of any background and presentation, somewhere on the binary or not, are quite welcome. Likewise, non-binary folk of any presentation are more then welcome here. Come as you are.

Disrespect of presentation, pronouns, or any other factors of identity, gender, or sexuality, or disrespect towards any marginalized identity in general, will not be tolerated. Use your head, don't be shitty.

Past events (20)

Drinks at Sippin' Santa Pop up bar

866 Bloor St W

Dearly Departed - Ridiculous Tales of Grief

The Ossington

Midweek Book Discussion - All the Birds in the Sky

The Churchmouse (A Firkin Pub)

$2 Tuesdays at Tilt Arcade Bar!

Tilt Arcade Bar

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