What we're about

What's the purpose of this group? To bring together readers who can help and support writers in brainstorming and writing their fiction (short story/novel), so that, in a short time period, its in a shape to be published.

Writing is a lonely activity. Its very hard and complex. Its difficult to reach the finishing line. This group is for creating a support structure/community to writers who want to write to publish. I would consider this group to have been successful when a writer successfully finishes and publish their work.


So, there are three roles here.

Facilitator - facilitates the discussions and structure of the meetups taking feedback from writers and readers.

Writer - someone who is focused on publishing his fiction work and he is going to commit to work hard to making that dream a reality.

Reader - someone who is driven to see writers succeed. this person has opinions on what makes good fiction click and what can be improved and she is willing to share her insights with the writer in a cordial setting. If you are into books and want to share your inputs with writers drop into this group!


How does this work?

Writers can share their work in progress with the readers. Readers take 15 min-30 min to read that work (say a chapter in the novel). Then the writer asks for feedback and readers' impressions via a cordial discussion.

Ideally, the aim is -
1. To have one or two writers present a chapter from their novel. Say 2500-5000 words.
2. Spend an hour on each writer's work to provide critical feedback.

Eventually some readers might gravitate towards certain writers/novels and they can continue to meet and give ongoing feedback until that work gets published. So, its not expected that you support every writer/work unless you love doing that.


Whats the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere will be low key and chill. Expecting not more than 8 members in each meetup. You can provide your feedback verbally or take notes and share it with the writer. Its all good.

Just to keep it fun, we could have other creatives like poets, photographers join us and share their work


Personal story -

I started this group so as to stop procrastinating and get some writing done. If other writers feel the same, you could use this meetup as a motivator to finish a chapter of your novel and get feedback from others. Reader feedback helps with refining the story, plot-lines, characters, language and style, etc and helps us escape from the writer's block.

Looking forward to writing, reading and finishing stories with everybody.


Writers and Readers, welcome!

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