Toronto Red Hat User Group


Using New Tools Effectively

The votes have been tallied and and the data has been analyzed; when we include the write-in data System Management was the topic of choice for this RHUG.


Satellite 6.1 – Paul Armstrong – Red Hat Solution Architect

In this session Paul, and the Red Hat Team will give a brief overview of the new features of Satellite 6.1. We will highlight some best practices, and Paul will be giving a Live Demo of Satellite 6.1.

Guest Speaker – James Shubin - Red Hat Engineer, Configuration Management
James will speak about getting a Vagrant environment running and will high-light an up-stream project call Oh-My-Vagrant. In this talk James will explain and demonstrate many examples on how this makes integration with configuration management tools easier, and how you can use these techniques to simulate clusters of containers.
This talk will include live demos of building docker containers, orchestrating them with kubernetes, adding in some puppet, and all glued together with vagrant and oh-my-vagrant