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Reiki and Counselling
Choose from a 60 or 90 minute Reiki, Counselling or Guided Meditation or a combination session of two options (1/2 hour each). In person, telephone, Skype and Zoom sessions are available. Special: Save $30 when three 1 hour sessions are purchased as a package for the regular rate. Here's a link to the new menu. ( The Benefits of Reiki include: Deep relaxation, emotional balancing, physical healing, pain relief, detoxification, alignment and increased energy. Please fill out the Reiki and/or Counselling Form, scan it and resend it before coming so that your treatment can be planned in advance. You will find them here: Contact: For more information or to book your session please call Stephanie at (416)[masked] or (647)[masked] or email [masked] Price: Sessions are regularly $70/hour + hst and our low income price is 60/hr +hst. Reiki is covered by some insurance companies. Contact: For more info or to book an appointment call Stephanie Norwich at[masked] (cell/text) or[masked] or email her at [masked] About Stephanie: Stephanie Norwich holds an M.Ed. degree in counselling from the University of Toronto (OISE) and an Honors BA from York University. She is a Reiki Master, a licensed Holistic Practitioner, and a Canadian Reiki Association registered instructor. She is an eclectic therapist with more than ten years experience offering counselling with a variety of methods. She has also been giving Reiki treatments for twenty two years and teaching reiki certification courses and psychic development classes for fifteen.

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What we're about

This group is for people to meet like-minded friends and make meaningful connections. People can attend a Free Reiki Intro Class or take any of the Reiki Certification Courses (levels 1, 2 and masters). There are ongoing Psychic Development, Past Lives and Tarot Reading classes as well as Guided Meditations and there's a Friendship and Support Group. Healers can join our Reiki Shares to receive a group session, practice and meet people for Reiki trades. Artistic, socially conscious and meditative events are also posted. People can also book a private counselling or reiki session. I'm always interested in hearing about your suggestions! If you have an idea for a class or event, feel free to call/email me to share it. I'm looking for new facilitators.

Here are some of the testimonials (

Reiki Courses

"You are a wonderful teacher. Reiki's changed my life. Since I started learning and practicing Reiki, I have experienced emotional and physical healing, my kids are dealing better with school, and my husband is better. Thank you very much for opening this wonderful way for us. Reiki is a way to live better, to heal, and understand life and family and friends and people." - Julia A. (Toronto)

“I can’t articulate how much reiki has helped me in transforming my life. Learning how to empower myself enough to work through my blocks, and how to get creative in addressing those unhealed aspects of myself has allowed me to begin the process of finally blossoming, and living in my most authentic self. Stephanie is a kind, ethical and exceptional teacher and healer, and her thorough instruction and support have been absolutely instrumental in my ability to utilize and grow with my reiki. Anyone who is looking to learn or heal with her is in truly compassionate and steady hands!”- Alexis S. (Toronto)

"Stephanie is an amazing and highly knowledgeable Reiki teacher. I took her class last year and it transformed my life. She is very passionate about what she does and it really shows in her work. Highly advise you to check her out." - Michael K. (Toronto)

"Reiki has completely changed my life. The self healing I receive from this Reiki one course changed the course of my life. I am very grateful to have found Reiki and continue on this journey toward my spiritual path. Stephanie was a wonderfully warm and kind teacher." Lindsey L (Toronto)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Reiki 1 course! Your passion, knowledge and warmth amplified the Reiki experience and motivates me to continue my Reiki journey." R. Smith (Toronto)

"I have completed the Level 1 Reiki very recently and can’t wait to start the next level. Meeting Stephanie and taking her course has been one of those life experiences that you never forget. Suffering from a chronic pain for a better part of my life and having chronic sleep problems pushed me towards Reiki like never before.
After completing my level 1 and every day practise I noticed that my chronic pain became more tolerable. With more and more self healing treatments the pain has gone away completely. On rare occasions some mild discomfort reminds me of how difficult and unmanageable my life had been. Gone are the prescription pain killers and tonnes of over the counter products. I also began sleeping much better and gone are the nights that kept leaving me tired beyond belief in the mornings." - Megan U. (Toronto)

Psychic Development Course

"The Psychic Development Class is the third class I've attended with Stephanie and it was incredibly informative, practical, and fun, as all of her classes are. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of psychic arts and to practice new techniques!" - Katie B. (Toronto)

"Thank you for a wonderful class. I came away with so much information. The information helped with understanding myself so much better. The meditations were so helpful with the process. You did an amazingly at teaching and creating this class." - Michelle A. (Toronto)

"Thank you Stephanie for helping me more develop my psychic abilities. I learned so much due to your teachings and practical exercises. Knowing how to ask the right questions and distinguishing the different “clears” were eye opening to me. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to develop their psychic abilities or to find out what they are. - Andrea L. (Toronto)

Free Reiki Intro Class

"Clear, interesting and considering the subject of Reiki - concise! Thanks to Stephanie, for a simple and highly comprehensive presentation. Great group of ladies too!" - Kimi W. (Toronto)

Dual Reiki Sessions

"Stephanie is a very gifted healer. I strongly recommend her. I have had back pain for a very very long time. It was healed just in 1 Reiki session with Stephanie. It's been couple of weeks now and it hasn't returned. I was searching for a good reiki teacher and felt guided to meet Stephanie. She is so kind and patient and knowledgeable. After meeting her and having received Reiki from her, I am sure I have found the teacher I was looking for." - Mugdha (Toronto)

Reiki Sessions

"I tried Reiki with Stephanie on a whim after going through a breakup... The difference after my first session was unbelievable. I walked away with a sense of lightness and warmth in all of my body, and noticed in the following days that two chronic health issues I have suffered with (digestion and sinus headaches) had almost completely disappeared.

I am someone who has struggled a lot over the years with anxiety and depression. Intellectually I had noticed patterns in my relationships which I couldn't seem to free myself of, and no matter how much I would make efforts to improve my situation I always felt a sense of being "stuck" in life. I spent so much of my energy fighting negative and critical thoughts and was carrying the weight of my past with me.

After the sessions with Stephanie, I felt capable of being purely happy for the first time in my life. It was like the peaceful feeling you get after a yoga class, but more permanent and far reaching. I felt capable, strong and energized. I still experience a range of thoughts/feelings but I overall am so much more balanced and am able to simply feel and process my emotions, and best of all, let them go!!

I very much appreciated the time Stephanie took to explain the process to me, and the care she takes in her energy work. She followed up with me after each session to see how I was doing, which was greatly appreciated." - Erika M. (Alberta)

"Trying something new and different can be a true adventure into learning new techniques to health. Stephanie Norwich is a true REIKI MASTER. Very professional and sensed the areas of my body that were not in sync. I felt warmth or tingling in the areas being treated, even when a non-touching approach was being used. I experienced a state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, and a most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment. Could not believe she picked up on a part of my body that WAS hurting me - my knee. I highly recommend Stephanie." - Andee G. (Toronto)

Reiki Shares

"Excellent reiki share...very healing, powerful shared energy, and Stephanie is a great hostess for this event!" - C.A. (Toronto)

"Stephanie brings together a wonderful group of healers and provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow within a supportive, caring environment. Her Friday night Reiki share is like a trip to the spa or a mini-retreat; I always leave feeling refreshed, energized and looking forward to the next one!" - Jen M. (Toronto)

"Profound Healing, Light, Joy and Sense of well being filled the space, and continued within for days afterwards. These gatherings are Medicine for the World. Thank you Healers!" - Iona G. (Toronto)

"I want to thank you for the Reiki Share you hosted on Thursday. Your energy and the energy of the space was calming and nurturing, and the atmosphere was loving, healing, fun and supportive." - Ora W. (Toronto

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